Noteikumi sniedz garantiju savai produkcijai ar šādiem nosacījumiem:

  • Garantijas derīguma termiņš fiz. Personām – 2 gadi no pirkšanas brīža ( ja prece iegādāta un tiek lietota mērķiem, kas nav saistīti ar saimniecisko vai profesionālo darbību;
  • Garantijas derīguma termiņš jur. Personām – 1 gads no pirkšanas brīža.

If it is found that the product has a technical defect / defect, then you have the right to deliver it to the official service center or to our office for repair. The delivery of the goods is required along with the purchase and warranty document. The product that comes from repair / replacement is subject to the previous warranty period, without extension.

The warranty is void in the following cases:

  • Third-party or business interference detected, unauthorized repairs to unauthorized service;
  • Significant mechanical damage that can affect performance;
  • Item serial number / IMEI code has been deleted, changed or cannot be identified;
  • The Buyer cannot present a completed guarantee and / or proof of purchase;
  • The contents of the warranty / purchase document were changed without the participation of a company representative;
  • The operating instructions were not followed;
  • The warranty period has run out.

Right of withdrawal

  • The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the distance contract within 14 (fourteen) days without giving any reason;
  • The right of withdrawal will expire after 14 days from the date the item is purchased;
  • In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer’s obligation to inform us using the ;
  • In order for the right of withdrawal to be respected, the Buyer must inform us of the above-mentioned types and deliver the goods with proof of purchase before the expiry of the right of withdrawal at the address: Riga, Brasla 29a.
  • During the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the buyer may use the product as much as necessary to check the item (For example, in the case of laptop computers, look at the exterior, the dimensions, do not activate or install the pre-installed operating system without taking off the protective films; do not turn on the SIM card and do not ring, synchronize data);
  • The Buyer is responsible for preserving the quality, condition and value of the product during the term of exercising the right of withdrawal.